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New super-agency, National Supervision Commission - and China's massive restructuring of government

Andrew Polk
Trivium China

'Government restructuring is the most immediate outcome of the 'Two Sessions' - the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference followed by the National People's Congress - this March,' Andrew Polk of Trivium China told in our recent conversation.

'We're talking about basically a total overhaul of the government It's huge. It's momentous. And it's just started.'

'With government restructuring, the biggest thing is the creation of an entirely new branch of government: National Supervisory Commission. Its entire job is to overlook every single public official in China. It is an institutionalization and deepening of the corruption crackdown that we've seen over the past few years.'

'The NSC not only institutionalizes the corruption crackdown but it also makes sure that the discipline inspectors are now more and more involved in policy implementation.'

Andrew highlighted four major actions from the Two Sessions:

1. Chinese government restructuring. 'We're talking about basically a total overhaul of the 2. The policy roadmap. 'The Party and the government are clearer than they've been in many years on exactly what their priorities are.'
3. Personnel. 'Important people were put in important places.'
4. The legislative agenda + the constitutional amendments. 'These are hugely important over the long term for how the economy operates, and how the political system operates, as well.'