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'China's Disruptors': How Alibaba, Xiaomi, & Tencent are Changing the Rules of Business

Alibaba, Tencent, & Didi... How innovative 'Disruptor' companies are restructuring China's economy

Dr. Ed Tse will explain how four generations of entrepreneurs have disrupted China's economy and provide a framework you an use to analyze individual companies & industries.
In so doing, Ed will explain...

1. The four waves of Chinese entrepreneurs and the distinct model each used to build successful businesses.
2. How, with triple the revenues & profits of SOEs, private companies are increasingly the real force in China's economy.
3. How different industries have been disrupted and what to expect going forward.
4. The drivers of China's innovation--transition to market economy, exposed societal 'pain points,' intense and transformative competition, massive market scale, technology ( especially the wireless Internet), and the availability of VC & angel funds.
5. How conventional wisdom that Chinese companies can't innovate is wrong.
6.Case study: how the intersection between the Automotive and Internet Service Value Chains formed the 'New Mobility Value Chain'