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China housing:boom, bust, or bubble-or...?

Robert Ciemniak, Real Estate Foresight

Robert Ciemniak will give you his solid, data-backed, analysis of what is happening in China's housing market, what is likely to happen, and, most importantly, why. In so doing, he will answer these and other questions...

1. What are real factors driving China's second bull market in housing since 2010, and how long can these continue to propel the market upward?
2. Where does the demand that's driving the market come from, and how do you reconcile that demand with the supply situation?
3. How much new construction is likely to come on line on the next five years?
4. How is the nature of competition changing among developers?
5. This cycle is something new–how are targeted Chinese government housing policies stimulating the market in some cities and tightening in others?
6. How can you, contrary to conventional wisdom, form a data-driven approach to China's housing market, and make solid analyses, even down to the district level?